The Prius driving Porsche enthusiasts

In my lifetime I’ve been blessed enough to be around a lot of nice cars, everything from driving a handful of Nissan GTRs to being in the same room and touching the last LeMan winning Ferrari. Yet through it all, I have always had a soft spot for Ferrari and Porsches. Maybe it’s the fact that in the Chinese zodiac, I was born in the year of the horse so it’s natural I gravitate to something that is a physical manifestation of my zodiac sign. Seemingly so, I’ve always gravitated towards Porsche’s opulent crest.

My passion for automotive has blossomed from owning a “stanced” out Nissan 370z, a 400whp BMW 335i, one of the most mint “Bring A Trailer” ready E30’s on the West Coast. Now, I’m just driving a 2018 Toyota Prius as a daily driver, in order to save money and pursue a Porsche GT3, in the form of the 997.2 variant.. this will happen, not soon enough but it will happen. Let’s get back on track.

Maybe it’s the fact that throughout my years working at Audi, I was blessed with attending every single Porsche event California. Yes, even Singer DLS demos at The Quail and a handful of on-track driving experiences at the Porsche Experience Center. Though the cars are cool and do most of the talking, for me, it’s really about the people around them that carries the most weight.

This is the only group of car enthusiasts (nerds) that I know of that walks a fine line between snobby and ratchet. See with the Bimmer and Audi guys, there are always groups of them that want to have a “family friendly” environment at their gatherings, but somehow always ends up with people going off to do high pulls or burnouts in the parking lot (Yes, I’m talking to you “2004 BMW M6 at 24% APR” owner). And with the higher end Maclaren, Lambo and Ferrari guys they spend most of the time having a pissing contest containing yachts and time spent “at track days” than they do about anything remotely productive, constructive and non-self-destructive. These are overall very general statements but deep down you know, these kinds of people exists.

Now with Porsche (Say it with me Por-suhhhhh) guys, they understand that you have to carry yourself a certain way, at least the ones I’m around anyways. The GT3 guys will never talk down on the Carrera guys, and sure they may poke fun at the Boxster owners but never will they make anyone feel less about themselves. Porsche owners understand that you’re at this gathering or event because you’ve worked hard for something you’ve always wanted, or you are working towards it.

The Luft-Loser meet in Northern California is an annual meet-up put together by Gerard (The red aired out 964) for those who missed out on Luftgekühlt, which is regarded as the biggest meet up/art display of air-cooled Porsches in America if not, the world. But unlike Luftgekühlt which has now grown to massive size in gathering and price, this event is free and is a mixture of modern and old school 911s. For those like myself who happen to not own a 911, you’re more than welcome to join! Please be courteous enough to park on the side though, your tracked Honda S2000 is nice but ruins the overall picture of the meet if you’re parked next to the line of Porsche 911s.

Everyone is welcoming and is very supportive of your goals, they are open-minded and respecting of your build even if it’s their cup of tea. Maybe it’s the fact that over 70 years of Porsche brand history, the 911 variants have all changed so much with little subtle changes done to it.  And like tea, you don’t have to understand milk and chai to enjoy or get a taste for jasmine. This analogy sounded good in my head, but I realize some people only drink coffee.

For instance, Matt who owns the beautiful air-cooled Carrera (yellow lens H4 headlight) can walk up to Derrik who owns the car pictured above and ask “What are those little things inside your ducts?” without having to feel pressure or embarrassment. Admittedly, I myself was also confused to what the heck these things that look like headlight washer were doing so low in the ducts. Darin explained to us that the previous owner of the car had put these “deer whistles” on since he lived in a heavily populated deer area. Now you’re thinking this sounds like a bunch of bullish but believe me when I say, I use to live in Florida and though these things only work if you’re well within 25 yards of a deer. For roughly $10 honestly, I’m gonna put them on my Porsche as well, you can’t even tell they’re there.

Left – Derrik’s 997.1 C4 | Right – Matt’s 3.2 Carrera 

To the untrained eye, they both vehicles above just look like fancy VW “beetles” but for their owners who are one or at most two generation apart; this is the extension of their personalities. Both cars are very tastefully modified. The C4 on the left has a GT3 front end, duck wing and sits on 5 lug BBS E88 wheels when most people actually run a center locking set-up, dare to be different. And the 3.2 has yellow H4 lens, fog and other aesthetically pleasing mods like it’s almost perfect fitment that tells you “I don’t have to try very hard if you know you know”. It’s like the odd saying “money can’t buy you taste” these guys aren’t wouldn’t be caught dead with a gold wrapped car, let alone Niche wheels on off-brand tires.

At this point in my life, I want you to know that I’ve worked very hard to be where I’m at, but I also don’t want too much attention when I pull up to dinner at either Mcdonalds or a Michelin star restaurant. Or maybe it’s the fact that in just 3-4 hours after pulling up in a Prius, I made new connections with people who jumped with excitement to help when I said “I’m actually looking for work right now, I’m interviewing at a couple of different companies but nothing solid” everyone either said “let me check out your resume, I wanna know how I can help” or “let me check what roles are open at my company”. This is the kind of company I want to have around me, people who are supportive, creative and are happier going for a drive than sitting on the couch.

At 29, I think it’s extremely important for me to constantly audit my circle of friends every couple of years. Sure there are relationships that I have that can’t do anything for me, I don’t think that should be the main determining factor to why you love seeing someone once in a while to chat and catch up. But if you’re not pushing me to be a better person or working with me elevate who we both are as individuals? Whether it’s creative or mentally, then what’s the point? You can’t get to the NBA by watching basketball on the couch with your friends, you have to go out there and push each other to MISS 10,000 shots for the chance to shoot one that counts.

They say Porsche there’s is no substitute, so don’t short yourself and your company. Chase your dream! Which is why I literally will speed up and chase a Porsche in my Prius when I see one or at least until I can check it out for a quick second to find out whether my guess for which variant it was.. is correct as always.

****all opinion and statements made above reflect only that of mine and none of the owners of the vehicles above. More pictures below. Thank you to everyone who showed up to the meet, it was a pleasure speaking and meeting you. Dropbox with more photo for.