Charley Phung

"Diligence is the path, up the mountain of knowledge. Hard work is the boat, across the endless sea of learning "

Charley Phung

I am an Automotive/Motorsports enthusiast who happens to be a photographer.


Born in Vietnam, I moved to the States in 1998 at the age of seven. We lived in Westminster/Garden Grove during the peak “The Fast and the Furious” era of the late 1990’s to early 2000’s. However, after a year or so of living in California, my mother and I moved 3,000 miles across the country to a town so small in Florida that it had no red light and houses the State’s mental and correctional institution.


Maybe it was the fact that I had no exposure to the car culture or I had limited opportunities, but I had always wanted to move back to California. There were many summers where I have gone back to California and saw all the cars and guys who looked so cool driving down Bolsa Avenue with their Asian Baby Girls (otherwise commonly known asABGs”). While back at home in Florida, my only outlet to this type of culture were the internet forums. Combine this along with a mixture of being an immigrant, hip-hop really fostered a "hustle-hard" mentality in me.

After building as big of a network as anyone could in the South, I felt that I had outgrew the area. In 2014, I ended up packing everything I had into my e92 335 and went out West. I spent a couple of months paying $750 for a couch in Daly City until I was finally picked up by Audi Germany to work on the future of Audi Business Innovations; more specifically, a mobility project called “Audi on demand”. As the project’s Operations Manager, my absolute passion for business and cars grew exponentially. The lessons that I have learned while working with Audi was, as my mentor who got his MBA from Cornell would say, "a free MBA but with real money".


Outside of photography, I can provide business consulting. With years of Audi’s industry-leading training on managing brand image and equity, let’s utilize data and the proper marketing techniques experience that I have learned over the years to take your business to the next level.

Please contact me directly if you have any further questions.


There is no such thing as losing, there is only learning.

Even if you take on a job that you do not like, don’t be so quick to be a “jumper” stay and look for lessons to be learned, a lot of times workforce tuition is what will lead to long term success.

Growing up in a nail salon taught me how to hustle, it breed my entrepreneurial spirit. Managing someone else’s restaurant taught me that no matter how hard I worked for them, I needed to to be an owner eventually if I wanna be able to provide jobs. Working at the bank taught me how to manage money, it taught me that poor people spent their money and rich people use that money to grow their wealth.


There is no secret to success, it’s just hard work and consistency. You may not be there yet but you have to wake up every day and remind yourself to make progressive steps towards it. 

So what's the goal?

Photography never came easy for me as I am a little colorblind and isn't very creative. However, it was just the most logical next step since I was already shooting a lot of stuff for Audi. My hope is that the brand blossom into something where I can get media passes, event credentials and commercial automotive lifestyle gigs. Maybe even one day, I can sell enough prints to fund trips and shoots that are even more creative than what they are now, without having to go out of pocket myself for it. Lastly, I'd like to grow a big enough trusted network where I can just call someone up for a car and they will throw me the keys to go shoot it, either for something creatively or commercially.