Charley Phung


diligence is the path 

up the mountain of knowledge

hard work is the boat

across the endless sea of learning

Former operations manager for Audi Germany, I was working as apart of Audi Business Innovation team on projects such as Audi on demand, Audi at home.

We focused on parts of the business that would impact the future of the brand. Understanding that as millennials grow, they no longer want to own the car but just the experience. And with urbanization, we also saw the market's need to shift towards what we called "partial ownership." For example, if you lived in San Francisco, we would partner up with a condo developer to place 10 Audi cars in the garage so you could rent it by the hour (called Audi at home). Great for if you needed a car for a quick run to the store or date night, however, if you wanted to get away for the weekend; say going up to Napa Valley or L.A. We would deliver one of our Audi on demand vehicles to your condo/home, full tank of gas, free wifi, and insurance included, then as you go on your trip and come back, we would come and pick it up. 

We knew this had to be the future of the brand since more and more cities focus on public transportation and people can work remotely, there was no need to own a car, just to park it for 80 percent of your ownership.

After leaving Audi in 2018, I started my own business consulting business. Working on projects for Amazon AWS, Uber ATG, and a couple of small boutique dealerships. 

In 2019, I moved to Sacramento to marry my wife. Took all of my learnings from Audi Business Innovations and applied it to the food industry, as one of my first manager roles was running a restaurant back in college. Currently, I own and operate 3 major projects, while working on a 4th.


Cali Dumpling, where we sell quality, hand-made dumplings online direct to consumers. And B2B wholesaling to a dozen of restaurants in the Greater Sacramento area and Bay Area.

The Drunken Dumpling, the same dumplings, just cooked and now sold at large-scale events such as music festivals, night markets, and occasional city gatherings.

410 Superamerica, a consulting agency. Working on projects ranging from scaling a mom-and-pop restaurant, building customer experience for autonomous vehicles companies, car tour groups for internationals from Asia.

a series of meeting idols, becoming friends.


With years of Audi’s industry-leading training on managing brand image and equity, let’s utilize data and proper marketing techniques that I have learned over the years to take your business to the next level.

Please contact me directly if you have any further questions.


There is no such thing as losing, there is only learning.

Growing up in a nail salon taught me how to hustle, it bred my entrepreneurial spirit. Managing someone else’s restaurant taught me that no matter how hard I worked for them, I needed to be an owner eventually if I wanna be able to provide jobs. Working at the bank taught me how to manage money, it taught me that poor people spent their money and rich people use that money to grow their wealth.


There is no secret to success, it’s just hard work and consistency. You may not be there yet but you have to wake up every day and remind yourself to make progressive steps towards it.